Proud to introduce A-lot-a-choc!

A bit about us....

With a passion for food we delight the world with seriously great chocolate!

Walk with us into a world of cacao love!

Allow me to introduce myself, Sharon, with Argentinean roots, raised on ‘proper chocolate’ I get frustrated by the damage commercial companies cause to what is actually a super food. I therefore took myself off to South West France where I trained to become an accomplished Chocolatier. 

As you step into our Chocolate Boutique, nestled in Bury Street, Stowmarket, you will also meet the lovely Sandra, our keen investor who particularly enjoys tasting our new creations!

Cacao offers many health benefits and can enhance lifestyle. Did you know Diabetics can eat chocolate. Pregnant ladies gain several benefits from the smallest amount of ‘proper chocolate’. Diet supplements now have cacao added as it is an appetite suppressant. Cacao can even lift our mood.

A passion of mine is to educate all chocolate lovers and to delight you with what is said to be by many as “the best chocolate ever tasted”.

We also boast a range of Deli products, Deli-a-Choc! tantalising taste buds with our white chocolate horseradish claimed to be “heaven in a jar”. The Deli range is yet to grace our Boutique yet watch out for these next year!

A-lot-a-choc! Promises:

  1.  We respect cacao
  2. #Ethical is really important, as well as the high cacao content. All cacao is from ethical sources, Venezuela, Dominica, Ecuador, Uganda and Columbia
  3. Our artisan roots and ethos are in our hearts. Yes, we cannot be too selfish and there are chocolate lovers out there knocking at our door. However, we can be selective and will be. The commercial world is not an option
  4. Professional service & highest standards. We are always thinking of funky marketing and seasonal ideas and listen to our fans & followers
  5. To keep making the best chocolates ever!

Love n chocolate,

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