Our Ethical Trading Policy

Our Core Values

  • We make every effort to ensure all farmers and producers of the ingredients we source are treated with the utmost of respect.
  • We require fair working conditions for all and freedom of employment with no forced labour, slavery or abusive child labour practices.
  • All employees should have the right to join or form trade unions and where possible, working conditions should be at least  what is legally required.
  • Their working environment should be safe and hygienic and measures must be taken to prevent accidents and injury.
  • Wages and benefits paid for work delivered must meet  the minimum national legal standards and working hours must not be excessive and conform to local laws and regulations.
  • There must be no discrimination in hiring, retirement and compensation etc., based on race, religion, class, age, culture, sex, political affiliation or nationality.
  • No employee should be subject to physical or psychological abuse, harassment, verbal abuse or other forms of intimidation.
  • Our trading terms exceed those of commercially advertised schemes such as Fair Trade.

Ethicall Sourced Cacao

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